VégéBon Privacy Policy Privacy statement:

Welcome to VégéBon (“the website”). To protect your rights and to ensure that you have a pleasant experience using the website’s services and information, please read the following paragraphs carefully:

1. Applicability of our Privacy Policy:

Our Privacy Policy includes regulations on the personal identification information that we receive while you are using the website. This policy does not apply to any other websites, or any unauthorized management of the website.

2. How we collect, process, and use personal data

When you visit the website or use any services on the websites, we will ask you to provide us with necessary personal information depending on the service. The information will be processed and used within limited areas. Without your agreement, we will not use this information for any other purpose.

When you use any of the interactive functions, such as purchasing a product, the website will save the information that you have entered, such as name, email, contact information etc.

When you view the website, the server automatically records information such as your IP address, duration, type of browser, viewing and clicking records. This information will only be used within our company for improving our services. It will not be shared with any third party.

To ensure that we provide suitable service, we collect and analyze the above mentioned information and present them in figures or text. Other than internal use, we may also disclose the figures and text in public, but not individual information.

3. Information Protection

Our web host is equipped with various information safety devices and procedures such as firewalls and antivirus system. We have employed the most rigorous procedure to ensure your information safety. Only authorized employees are able to access your personal information. All these employees have signed a non-disclosure contract and are punishable by the law should there be any violation. 

If the website finds it necessary to employ a third party, we will ensure that the third party carries out its duty regarding information protection, and apply necessary examinations.

4. External Links

The website provides links to other websites. This policy does not apply to those websites. Please refer to their privacy policy.

The website will not provide, exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private business, or government departments, except under legal requirement or contract duty. 

The exceptions may include but not limited to:

Agreed upon by you.

To avoid dangers to your life, body, freedom, or finance.

The website collaborates with a government or academic institution for a statistical or research project aimed at creating public good, and the information has been processed either by the collector or processor in a way that cannot be used to identify any of the individuals involved. 

Your action on the website has violated the service policy or may damage or interfere with the website or other users’ rights, or has damaged anyone’s rights, and the website management deemed it necessary to reveal your information in order to identify, contact, or take legal actions.

The website assign a third party to collect, process, or use your personal information. We will ensure that the third party carry out its duty to protect your information. 

6. The use of Cookie

To provide the best service, the website places and uses our Cookie on your computer. If you wish to avoid that, you may go to your browser setting and set “privacy”as “high. This will avoid Cookie being used, but it may cause some of the functions on our website from working normally.

7. Amendment

The website may amend its privacy policy anytime and update it on the website.



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